From Dunas Capital to Heed Capital

Heed Capital is a fund management firm formerly known as Dunas Capital.

Our tightly knit team of professionals is proud of its proven track record built over decades and across different asset classes.


We are creatures of limitless potential
living in a planet of finite resources.
It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and even burdened. It can be hard to navigate the options.
Change is all around us. Opportunity too.
So how do we keep moving onward and upward? We look closer.
Care for our subject. Avoid distractions.
Examine relentlessly.
Put in the time. Think for ourselves.
We go against the grain.
And find like minded souls.
Build trust where trust is needed.
And repeat as many times as necessary. Onwards and upwards.
Heed. Attention is capital.




Heed is owned by a group of independent partners. That matters when it comes to decision making and acting in the best interest of those that seek our help.


We believe attention is an essential resource and look closely at wherever opportunities may arise. We identify moving pieces in a volatile environment. And we act upon it. Diversifying our areas of expertise in asset management over the years is a direct consequence of looking for the best solutions for our clients.

Critical thinking

We question widely-held beliefs and the status quo to achieve better outcomes for our clients. That is the only way forward for financial product development.

Relationship Building

Businesses are ultimately people. The way we build relationships over long periods of time will either affirm our beliefs or shatter them. We make sure to never forget that when dealing with our clients.


What you see is what you get. We are licensed, regulated and committed to transparency.

Behind the wheel

Joaquim Luiz GomesChairman of the Board of Directors

Over three decades in the financial industry. President and founding partner of Heed, he has an extensive track record in fund management and the financial industry. He founded Midas Investimentos and later went on to manage the private banking sector at BBVA. Over the past decade he has dedicated himself to growing Heed to become one of the leading investment firms in the Iberian market. He values straightforwardness and attention to detail.

Nuno PintoPresident of the Executive Committee

After his start in financial consultancy at one of the big four, he joined the financial department of Midas Investimentos. Later went on to head the financial department of BBVA Privanza Portugal and was financial director for a firm in the tourism sector. Part of the founding Heed team, he believes in nurturing trust as a fundamental driver of human, not just financial relationships.

Pedro FernandesDirector

Formerly manager of fixed income at BCP, he went on to become investment director at ESAF and held various positions in the board of directors at Grupo Finibanco, where he was the director of investments of the fund management company and director of the bank´s asset management department. He prizes independence above all things.

Gustavo Caiuby GuimarãesDirector

Gustavo began his professional career at G5 Evercore (current G5 Partners) in São Paulo in 2008, working in the wealth management area until 2017. Then Gustavo started studying an MBA program in Barcleona and joined the Heed team in 2019. Today, he is director of the Wealth Management area and responsible for new business development.

António Corrêa FigueiraDirector

António is a serial entrepreneur with a long track-record in various sectors with a focus in insurance, real estate and agribusiness, both in Portugal and Brazil. He entered the workplace in 1981 working first in re-insurance and then insurance consulting and broking. In 1994 he was appointed CEO of Ecosel, an insurance broker later acquired by Millennium BCP, and in 2009 (re)founded Luso-Atlântica, another insurance broker acquired by the French Insurance Broker Verlingue SAS in 2021. António has been a consultant to the Portuguese pharmacists’ mutual pension fund MONAF since 1985 and became a partner of Heed Capital in 2019.

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